TMTR Ute Packages

Refrigerated Utes

From chocolates kept at +16⁰c to Ice-cream deliveries at -25⁰c, Thermal Mark is the first choice when converting your Utes for refrigerated transport. Our experienced team will supply a refrigerated ute transport solution coupled with a quality insulated body to meet your specific requirements. We are well known within the transport refrigeration industry for our high quality, cost-effective ute packages.

Why customers buy Thermal Mark’s Refrigerated Ute Range?

  • We guarantee a low temperature range.
  • We guarantee the quality of all products fitted.
  • We guarantee a fast delivery date.
  • Unique design that complies with new vehicle warranties.
  • High quality Thermal Mark unit.
  • Excellent street appeal.
  • Experienced back-up and service.
  • On-site servicing.

Refrigerated Ute Range Insist on Thermal Mark

Nothing beats a Thermal Mark Refrigerated Ute package. Don’t risk going anywhere else. Request a quote now.