Cold Chain Fleet Monitoring Solutions

With ever tightening regulations and increasing technology, consumers and retailers alike are demanding greater visibility into the temperature monitoring of your fleet to ensure their products have been maintained at the proper temperature during the entire cold chain distribution.

Thermal mark approved tracking system applications track the location of your refrigerated trailers and reefer units every step of the way. These systems monitor all aspects of the performance of the refrigeration unit and provides independent temperature monitoring using combined telemetry and wireless technologies. They record “Live” temperature, fridge unit performance and vehicle location information for any number of your assets, all viewed 24/7 from your office or from anywhere in the world through a single web-based interface.

Parameters can be set to immediately report temperature or any other performance violations via SMS and/or email to enable pro-active management. Detailed graphs, reports and refrigeration unit downloads are available to provide an intuitive record of historical information.

Would your Fleet or Transport Managers benefit by being able to:

  • Reduce Rejected loads -through real time alerts and monitoring
  • Identify and react immediately to Refrigeration unit breakdowns
  • Have two way communication with your fridge unit via web software
  • Turn the fridge On or Off from your office
  • Adjust the temperature set point by the click of a mouse
  • View and clear Fridge Alarm codes without leaving their chair
  • Initiate a Defrost Cycle without tutoring the driver over the phone
  • Change the unit operation mode or settings immediately via a laptop
  • Access the load temperature history and download detailed graphs
  • Review when your driver has been waiting too long for his timeslot at a delivery dock
  • Know where every vehicle is and all its details anywhere within Australia

Thermal Mark approved tracking systems give your Transport Manager the power to react on a proactive basis to save temperature sensitive loads or, in the worst case, deploy a new shipment before the customer can reject the load.  This saves both the retailer and the distributor from having to deal with product stock-out, premature product spoilage and loss of goodwill. It can also significantly reduce your insurance claims.

In addition, Transport and Fleet Managers can also use this solution to improve operational performance through analyzing driver behavior and improving fleet management, this can save you litres of fuel per day per truck.  In addition, Thermal Mark can help monitor adherence to your company policies further promoting work safe practices.  All of these benefits will lead to improved customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability.

Thermal Mark can offer you a wide range of innovative cold chain services based on superior technology.

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