Framec Truck Bodies

A Framec Solution for All Tastes

Framec is a world class, leading manufacturer for refrigerated truck bodies and commercial refrigeration established in Italy in 1950 by the Franger Group. ThermalMark is the sole authorised distributor for Framec in Australia.

With a focus on food safety and energy efficiency, Framec trucks deliver on quality and performance equipped with some of the newest technologies for stability and reliability including eutectic refrigeration which results in lower cold loss, less energy consumption and lower costs of use. The Framec productive process is characterised by its high efficiency and planning designed to obtain a low environmental impact.

Framec refrigerated bodies are available with side doors, symmetrically placed on both sides of the body, for an easy access to the whole products range and for a lower cold loss during the distribution. Furthermore, they could also have rear door with double or triple swing to load products with pallets or roll-containers.

There is a Framec solution suitable for all kinds of truck models and brands – available with a standard body, and can be customised to your needs. Dimensions range from 2 metres body length suitable for urban solutions, and up to a maximum of 9 metres for transportation of bigger quantity of goods in long distance travels.

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