TMTR Truck Packages

Thermal Mark is the smart choice for converting regular trucks into optimal refrigerated transport. Why? Our range is designed to take frozen goods such as ice cream at the ideal -18⁰C, as well as chilled products like chocolate at 16⁰C, with easy temperature adjustment and ultra-quick cooling time.

Our experienced team can supply you with an ideal refrigerated truck transport solution coupled with a durable insulated body to meet your specific needs. We are well known in the industry for our high quality, cost-effective truck packages – and we’re ready to help you get a great deal.

10 great reasons to choose from Thermal Mark’s Refrigerated Trucks range

  • We guarantee a low temperature range.
  • The quality of all products fitted is guaranteed.
  • We always aim to provide a fast delivery date.
  • Our unique design complies with all new vehicle warranties.
  • Thermal Mark units are dependable and efficient.
  • They are also easy to operate and look great too.
  • We have knowledgeable and friendly support staff.
  • We can provide on-site servicing for minimal downtime.
  • Our people live and breathe refrigerated transport.
  • We’re proudly Australian owned and operated.

Nothing beats a Thermal Mark Refrigerated Truck package. Don’t risk going anywhere else– we offer professional service with national support.

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