Bigger premises, easy access: Thermal Mark moves to Arndell Park

Have you been to the new Thermal Mark factory yet? We’re now at 24 Penny Place, Arndell Park; just off Reservoir Road and minutes from the on and off-ramps of the M4.

We made good use of the Easter long weekend and shifted everything from our old premises in Smithfield to the new factory and were back in full swing on the Tuesday morning.

For customers who have already been to the new site for a service or repair, the reaction is pretty much the same the first time they arrive.

“The instant they jump out of their trucks they say ‘Wow – this is so much better than your old place!’” says Marc Gauci, Managing Director of Thermal Mark Transport Refrigeration. “Better access is one of the main things we wanted to give our customers, and it’s something they are appreciating straight away.”

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How the Carbon Tax affects your refrigerant pricing!

Under the Australian Governments “Clean Energy Future Plan” synthetic greenhouse gases, like the HFC based refrigerants commonly used in transport refrigeration units, now attract a Carbon price per tonne calculated on their individual Global Warming Potential (GWP).

The GWP assigned per kilo to R404a refrigerant is 3260kg. This means that 1kg of R404a equates to 3.26 metric tonnes of carbon.

When this is applied to the current carbon tax price of $23.00 per tonne it means that every 1kg of R404a refrigerant attracts $74.98 carbon tax. Continue reading


For over 10 years our Thermal Mark refrigeration unit has been a dominant force in the Australian market providing an affordable, powerful and reliable refrigeration solution for the small, medium and large size Truck range. The evidence of this is confirmed when every time I go for a drive I am guaranteed to see at least a couple of them bolted on the front wall of a refrigerated truck delivering in and around Sydney.

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