Thermal Mark competition winners announced

We’re finding it a bit hard to keep our cool here at Thermal Mark this morning, as we’re just about to announce the winners of the Thermal Mark Refrigerated Transport competition.

There were so many great entries, a big thank you to everyone who got involved.

Now for the winners. Drum roll please…

1st Prize CFX35 Fridge

The winner of our major prize, the WAECO CFX35 portable fridge, is Trevor Ramsey from TJ Ramsey, Erskine Park NSW.

Trevor is a long standing TMTR customer and was super excited to take home the major prize. His reaction: “Fair dinkum!! I’ve never won anything in my life, I’m over the moon about this!”

When asked where he was planning to take the portable fridge, his response was: “In a few weeks I’m taking my boys on a camping trip out to Sunny Corner* in central NSW, the fridge is coming with us to keep the food and beverages cold.”

When he’d been told he won, Trevor said, “It’s perfect timing, it’s gonna be awesome.”

*Sunny Corner, population 269 (2011 Census), is a small village located in an old mining area between Lithgow and Bathurst.

2nd Prize 8lt Thermal Fridge

Winner: David Franklin, Director of Micway Transport

Micway Transport is a family owned and operated refrigerated transport business founded in 1999, and operates in both NSW and QLD. Micway operate a large fleet of refrigerated trucks and trailers. The 8lt thermal fridge will come in handy when out driving in the truck.

3rd Prize Seat Cover & Can Cooler

Winner: Ben Dunne from Cool Couriers NSW

Cool Couriers NSW deliver a range of fresh and frozen foods plus pharmaceuticals to and for restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels, wholesalers, franchised restaurant chains, leading supermarkets, major venues, medical patients, hospitals and community centers. Cool Couriers are in the process of adding three new large refrigerated delivery vans to their fleet which will be insulated and refrigerated again by the team at Thermal Mark.

4th Prize Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Winner: Craig Halliday from Regional Express in South Australia

Regional Express (REX) is an airline with its roots firmly in the bush and in country Australia, offering those in regional Australia top quality and affordable air services. REX own a fleet of refrigerated vehicles across the country used to cover their airline catering needs and Thermal Mark is their preferred Refrigeration Service Provider.

A fridge full of wonderful entries

There’s nothing better than hearing about what customers and friends like to do on their weekends, and this competition has given us some great insight (and some great ideas!) Some of you said you’d use the CFX35 to be comfortable and refreshed wherever you are; at work, on the road, at the beach, BBQs picnics or at the kids’ sport.

Others are heading out for longer trips on the boat, camping, footy trips away and on the road to places like Coffs Harbour, Cairns and far north Queensland, Broome, Tasmania, across the Nullabor Plain and the Simpson desert, Wee Jasper, Dalgety, Moreton Island and even New York! There were visions of the fridge filled with snapper, marlin and King George whiting after fishing trips. Glad the weekend’s almost here!

Thermal Mark would like to thank all those who participated in this competition and again invite anyone to drop in and visit us at our new location.