For over 10 years our Thermal Mark refrigeration unit has been a dominant force in the Australian market providing an affordable, powerful and reliable refrigeration solution for the small, medium and large size Truck range. The evidence of this is confirmed when every time I go for a drive I am guaranteed to see at least a couple of them bolted on the front wall of a refrigerated truck delivering in and around Sydney.

Why are there so many people choosing to buy a Thermal Mark Refrigeration System?

Well I did a scary thing and asked around the country for some honest feedback on myself and how we were doing. I didn’t just ask our loyal service customers, I asked anyone who owned or drove a truck with a Thermal Mark unit. From the many Woolworths delivery drivers around the country who didn’t even realise we had supplied the fridge to an egg farmer up the remote east coast & even fishing contractors down in Tasmania.

What I found out was unanimous for 3 main reasons.

1: It is a High Quality product that does not let us down, even on the exceptionally hot Australian summer days
2: It offers extremely good value for money, both in the up front investment and throughout its entire life span on repairs and servicing
3: The great customer service they receive every step of the way, and the way we stand by our products even when something does go wrong


But I knew that this would be the result because everyone who wears a Thermal Mark shirt is proud to endorse the products we sell and install. Refrigeration is what we do & we are very good at it; I might even be bold enough to say that there is nobody better in the business, so it comes as no surprise to me that people recognise the true quality and value we offer.

When you buy a Thermal Mark Refrigeration Unit you get heaps of features and benefits which set it apart from all its competitors. This investment will save you plenty when you consider the full life cycle maintenance costs of your refrigeration system.

Our entire range of Thermal Mark Units Offer:

A unit that is engineered for the Australian climate and conditions
A powerful unit which out performs it competitors in temperature capacity
A reliable unit that saves you on costly breakdowns
Guaranteed Temperature Satisfaction
2 Years Warranty
Guaranteed quality
Easy to operate digital in-cab control system
A Simplified electrical system
Cost-effective replacement parts
Low annual running-cycle cost
Quality back up Service

We believe that every Thermal Mark product sold is our reputation in your hands; this is why we value every customer who purchases our units. We ensure that your experience is stress-free, satisfying and one that covers all your requirements. This way you will happily recommend our Services to all your friends.

Ask around and I am sure you will draw the same conclusion, when you have done your homework give us a call on 1300 798 380. We would love to hear from you.